Naos Optics

A story of two Belgian brothers


Young kids, with a dream

Our passion for biking, at least the extremer version of it, goes back to our childhood. Building (unsafe) jumps and jumping over each other, was our definition of fun. Through many broken bones, mutual teachings, and tons of fun, we grew older, wiser, and faster. Today, we enjoy flying through the air, going fast on technical tracks, cruising in the bikepark, or sweating on the enduro or road bike. You can see more on our socials @eliotdeforce and @boje_deforce.


Think, Design, Test, Repeat

As any mountain biker will know, vision is crucial when conquering technical terrain. You'd think, I'll just buy a new one after a muddy weekend. Sadly, buying new eyewear every week, month, or even year, is not economical. Fed up with the high prices for quality eyewear, we set out to design our own in 2022 at an affordable price, without compromising on quality. After many iterations of product design, testing, and (again) crashing ourselves, we have learned the optimal design for our eyewear. So how are the lenses? For that we designed Lumitron™, our trademarked lens technology.

Lastly, it came natural to us that a product, by and for outdoor lovers, should equal a sustainable product. After a long search for the right materials for our frames, we came up with our high-end, bio-based eyewear that you find today in our webshop.


Fast forward, to today

Today, Naos Optics is growing fast through our retailers, distributors, and our webshop. We are grateful for the support from all our customers and continuously improve our products based on their feedback, and our own experience as we test our products non-stop, biking, hiking, kayaking, ... We have also welcomed many new ambassadors to the Naos family. Check them out at @naos_optics. We can't wait to show you what we have planned for the coming months/years.

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