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Image by Thomas Kelley

We Love Our Planet

You're probably thinking: "Sounds nice! But what action does Naos take for our planet?"

An awesome part of starting a business is the freedom of choice you have when building your product. For us, as outdoor lovers, the "Naos Optics adventure" only made sense if our product would be eco-friendly while simultaneously being of great quality and affordable.

We believe that - as entrepreneurs in the 21st century - it is our duty to think sustainable.

Some examples of how we put this in practice:

  • We use premium bio-degradable materials for our frames thereby decreasing plastic waste

  • We ensure high-quality eyewear with a long lifetime so that you can eventually pass them on to your grandkids (we’re kidding - or not?)

You'll look so awesome that mother earth will like you.

Save the planet: Over ons
Save the planet: Welkom

Biodegradable TPU

What the heck is that?


TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane (that's a mouth full 🤨). 

All Naos products are made out of biodegradable TPU which - if you really wanna know - is made from castor beans (yes, it's a thing). 


All this to say that our products would break down in soil within 3-5 years (but they look better on your head than in the soil 😉)

Okay, if you're still reading you must be a chemist or something, so we'll break it down for you:

Step 1: the castor beans are harvested

Step 2: the beans are processed into castor oil

Step 3:  through a chemical process, they are transformed into pellets

Step 4: those are melted down to become your goggle or sunglasses

Step 5: stop reading and go outside!

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