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ZIRIS - Sunblazed

ZIRIS - Sunblazed

SKU: 7819132342383

The Ziris is the ultimate choice for the discerning individual seeking sunglasses that radiate both power and sophistication. Its distinct appearance is accentuated by the unique angled temple, giving it an assertive, cutting-edge demeanor.

This is further elevated by a polished metal logo, encapsulating an unmatched premium aesthetic.


Beyond its design, the Ziris is equipped with state-of-the-art Lumitron lenses, ensuring clarity like never before.

These lenses not only offer pristine vision but also come with a HD nano-coating making them water-repellent and we threw in an anti-scratch coating because we know life can get a little... unpredictable.

And with the Lumitron technology ensuring UV400 protection, your eyes are shielded from the harshest UV rays.


Crafted with an open frame, the Ziris offers an unhindered view, eradicating any intrusive lower frame borders for a broader visual panorama.


Prioritizing both style and sustainability, the ultra-lightweight frame of the Ziris is constructed from eco-friendly biobased TPU, boasting a significantly reduced environmental footprint compared to conventional materials.


Color of your lens: Bronze Gold
  • What's in the box?

    • A pair of ZIRIS sunglasses that are so stylish, they might just turn heads.

    • A crystal-clear lens, perfect for those cloudy/rainy days

    • A sturdy case: because your new eye candy deserves the VIP treatment.

    • A versatile microfiber pouch. Use it to carry your shades or give them a good polish. 

  • Product specifications

    Ultra-light strong and flexible biobased TPU frame

    UV400 protected glasses

    HD nano-coating a.k.a. a water-repellent coating

    Anti-scratch treatment to keep your eyewear nice and sharp

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