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The Naos Selva Snow Edition is our specialized line of snow goggles, building on the success of our mountain bike goggles.

Like the MTB version, the Snow Edition boasts a "frameless" design for an expansive field of vision, crucial for winter sporters navigating through various terrains.

Drawing from our extensive experience in mountain biking and cycling, we've tailored the Snow Edition to meet the rigorous demands of winter sporters.

A notable enhancement is the inclusion of foam in the ventilation holes, specifically designed to keep out cold air and snow, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit in harsh winter conditions.

Another key feature of the Snow Edition is its double-layer Lumitron lens technology. This double-layered design is essential for preventing condensation and fogging, which can occur due to the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the Lumitron lens.

The dual layers create an insulating barrier, maintaining clear vision regardless of external weather conditions.

We've also added an additional Lumitron lens suitable for cloudy snow conditions, offering versatility for varying light situations.

This complements our ultra-fast Lumitron lens release system, which utilizes magnets for quick and effortless lens swapping. This system is a significant upgrade from traditional methods, reducing lens change time from minutes to seconds.

The Naos Selva Snow Edition maintains the flexible frame design. 

The frame is made from eco-friendly biobased TPU, emphasizing strength, flexibility, and reduced environmental impact.

The Lumitron lenses are treated with HD nano-coating for water/snow repellence and anti-fog properties, while providing UV400 protection to safeguard your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Color of your lens
  • What's in the box?

    One pair of smoking hot SELVA goggles standard installed with sun lens (ideal for open areas)

    One magnetic spare lens for darker conditions such as cloudy/snowy weather

    A multi-functional microfiber pouch bag that serves as a... bag but also as a cleaning cloth

  • Product specifications

    Ultra-wide field of vision

    Frameless look

    Ultra-light strong and flexible biobased TPU frame

    Double layer Lumitron lens technology

    UV400 glasses

    HD nano-coating a.k.a. a water/snow-repellent coating

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