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VUORI Photochromic - Matte Black

VUORI Photochromic - Matte Black

SKU: 7090973015043

Introducing the Naos Vuori Photochromic Edition - a revolutionary fusion of style, performance, and advanced Lumitron technology in the realm of photochromic lenses. 

Harnessing the power of Lumitron technology, these lenses go beyond traditional photochromic capabilities. When exposed to sunlight, the Lumitron lenses intelligently and swiftly adjust their tint, providing unparalleled visual clarity while safeguarding your eyes from harsh UV rays. This innovative feature ensures a seamless transition from bright sunlight to low-light environments, allowing you to stay focused and comfortable in any setting.

Not only do the Lumitron lenses enhance your visual performance, but the Vuori Photochromic Edition also boasts an ultra-lightweight frame crafted from strong and flexible biobased TPU, setting a new standard for environmental consciousness and durability in eyewear design.

Embrace the outdoors confidently, knowing that the lenses are also equipped with a HD nano-coating, rendering them water-repellent for superior clarity in all weather conditions. 

Step into a world of clarity and protection, where every adventure becomes a vision to behold.

  • What's in the box?

    One pair of smoking hot VUORI Photochromic sunglasses

    One extra clear lens 

    A hard case to give your new beauties a safe home

    A multi-functional microfiber pouch bag that serves as a... bag but also as a cleaning cloth

  • Product specifications

    Ultra-light strong and flexible biobased TPU frame

    UV400 protected glasses

    Photochromic function

    HD nano-coating a.k.a. a water-repellent coating

    Anti-scratch treatment to keep your eyewear nice and sharp

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